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Fake Ultrasound Picture Maker

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Fake Ultrasound Picture Maker?  It's a surprise to see, how many people are after these fake reports everyday. Most of them look for fake pregnancy reports. Others go for malingering various medical conditions. Though the purpose of faking a pregnancy is not very clear, often it seems to be revenge, excuses and for maternity benefits. The advantage of this is,  they can fake an abortion also later.

From my personal experience, I have faced people visiting me and asking for fake ultrasound pictures. They just want the name, date typed and fake an ailment. There may be people, lab out there providing such fake reports for a price. But the probable legal implications they are risking is huge. It is unethical to provide such reports and should be discouraged as a whole. That is where recording and checking your ultrasound settings may be useful, if you don't want somebody selling your reports. In  modern USG machines you can set a pass lock to prevent this.

Out of curiosity, I looked for such things and what I found was really entertaining. I landed on a website  who provides everything to fake a pregnancy starting from a initial Urine beta HCG to 3D fake Ultrasound reports.

fake pregnancy.jpg

They even sell wearable breast implants to mimic pregnancy stages and a pregnant silicon belly too. My goodness. Everything is delivered online. Means, it is a popular business, may be the purpose of using these are not limited just to mimicry. There I found another answer. Couple, who are going on surrogacy and trying to hide that from others, this is a way.

I had seen one or two reports generated online from them and these shall look real to non professionals. Of course, an ultrasound tech or Radiologist can identify them as fake.

I thought though, these can be used as good prank!

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Lots of these are being used for blackmailing their boyfriends, parents, families and also for extracting gifts

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